Habit Builder is a 6-week health challenge designed to build daily habits that create a lifetime of health.  Daily health checks help you become more mindful of your health and weekly challenges focus on a habit of health to stretch you to your optimal well being!  We suggest you purchase the Habits of Health Book and Lifebook and complete a free health assessment with a health coach to accelerate your journey!


  • Melt away unwanted fat and build healthy muscle
  • Create daily habits of health
  • Set attainable health goals and steps to reach them.


  • 6 Week health challenge beginning January 11 and continuing to Feb 20th

  • Cost is $25 (includes management, prizes, and 75% into participant pool)

  • Choose a goal of weight maintenance of 1%, weight loss of 3% or more, or increase of lean muscle

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Habit Builder Challenge
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