Our Mission Statement:
We create optimal well being within ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community.

Healthy Body

Health Coaching

Our Certified and trained Health Coaches teach you to incorporate healthy lifestyles to not only lose the weight but to keep it off!  They will guide you on your journey to optimal health starting where you are!


Weight Loss Programs

Optavia – Vitamin and nutrient-balanced foods developed by doctors and research-proven for healthy weight loss. Your InBody Assessment and Personal Health Coach are included with your monthly food purchase on this program, with guidance in your transition to a whole foods lifestyle.
A got health? exclusive program designed to teach you healthy eating habits for weight loss, weight maintenance, and peak performance. On this plan, your Personal Health Coach will create your individualized meal plans with balanced recipes, provide your link to Vitabot, and guide you to achieve your optimal fitness.



Reiki is a natural healing technique for the body, mind, and soul.  It relieves stress and tension clearing negative emotions and removing energy block found in the body.  You will feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful by releasing negative emotions.  If you are stressed, Reiki will help relax you and bring you more clarity and peace.


Group Fitness

From Yoga to Strength Training and don’t forget Cardio, you will get it all at our weekly group fitness classes.  Enjoy our atmosphere of ease and be yourself as we build community and provide support for you as you work toward your health goals


Personal Training

Our NACM Certified Personal Trainers personalize workouts for your optimal performance.  From basic weight training and dynamic fitness to focused goals, get the individual attention you need to reach your ideal condition.



Get our downloadable app to help you easily track your food intake, fitness achievements and goals.  This user friendly app makes recording your activity at mealtime, snack time, and active time a chinch!


Healthy Mind

Happiness Coaching

got health? has it’s own Happiness Coach!  Increase your happiness personally and professionally with knowledge and skills to help you reach your full potential.  In-person or live-virtual options are both available for your personalized sessions.  Visualize, prioritize, and optimize to discover great intrinsic happiness and get your smile shining brighter!

Life Coaching for Woman

Life coaching is a partnership in discovering a person’s potential through discussion, creativity and inspiration.  A life coach is a guide, leading a person on a path forward showing one how to discover their potential and true selves and recognize what may be happening currently in their lives that is holding them back from their dreams and desires.  We teach tools to reduce the overwhelm in life, cope with change, and stay true to a person’s own values.


Healthy Finances

We offer a wide variety of resources to guide you in your journey to financial freedom:

Complimentary Financial Game plan (GPS)
Financial Classes and Workshops
Mindset Training and Mentoring
Business Coaching & Support
Family Strategic Planning
Financial Binder & Legacy Drawer